Monday, November 23, 2009

Done with my last show for this year.....

But I'm not done with painting! Starting tonight I will start painting for next years shows. All of my show this year had great sales I'm hoping for a great next year! I will post pictures of next years items weekly. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


  1. Hi, I'm Cindy, a friend of Brenda's at Just a bed of Roses. How many show's a year do you do?
    I know where plain city is, I'm in South Jordan.

    I'm glad you had success with your show.

    come visit

  2. Hi, glad to know you! I do 5 to 6 shows a year one being Swiss Days which is a huge show for me. I work a 40 hour a week job and paint around 4 hours every night, so 5 or 6 is all I can handle with a good inventory!

  3. Janae, glad the shows are over for you...its really smart to just keep creating while your on a roll and you have a feel for whats popular. I love that you have a blog now, if you show your posts and things your doing your boutique sales are going to increase, your followers will line up for your fun painted things.
    Glad your holiday sales were successful.
    things are so much better than last year, yeah.
    We are super busy now too. so thankful.
    I'm sorry I didnt get to the antique show or the kottage kupboard, dont know where the time goes.

  4. What so said is I really need to paint Halloween for Swiss Days, kinda of hard to get into that spirit this time of the year. The only plus is I have come up with some great new ideas for next year!