Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here's a few more items that I have painted...1st show is in 3 weeks!

This is either a short bread box or a wood lap desk/storage box, it is solid wood with a hinged lid. I re-stained it and then painted two great little teddy bears on the lid. The back is around 8" tall and it tapers down to around 4" in the front.
Here is another vintage tin plate that I painted a rock cottage on. This is a special order so it will not be at my first show, but I will have others there for sale.

This is a recycled wood welcome sign from years past. I repainted the entire sign giving it a lot more character. This would look great hanging by your front door!
I'm sorry I haven't posted more pictures, with my first show just 3 weeks away and I have diligently painting!
Make sure you come and check out my booth at the Kottage Kupboard, Weber County Fairgrounds, Ogden Utah, May 5th - 8th.

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