Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Raggedy Time!!!

I found this GREAT old highchair at a yard sale a few weeks ago and decided to paint Raggedy Ann and Andy on it. I based it in a red color and then a beige color. I sanded it here and there so some of the red shows through. I then painted Raggedy Ann, Andy and a teddy bear on the seat. This highchair does not have a tray but it is still a great item!
This is a round suitcase (not very old) that I painted the same Raggedy Ann and Andy design on. I added a red bow to Raggedy Ann and also to the handle. What a cute place to hide some of your sewing items or for your daughter to hide some of her doll clothes in.

This is a great vintage suitcase with great insides! Most vintage suitcases you find have water damage inside or smell musty but this one does not! I added Raggedy Ann, Andy and teddy to the front.
All three items have several coats of a polyacrylic clear coat finish for added durability.
All three of these items will be at the Kottage Kupboard, Weber County Fairgrounds, next week.

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