Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Booth at Kottage Kupboard

My first show of the year is in progress at The Kottage Kupboard at Weber County Fairgrounds, Ogden Ut. The show runs thru Saturday at 4:00. Here is a picture of my booth, it is at the end of the first row when you come into the building.
This is a great little vintage vanity chair that I have painted a cute little rabbit on.

This is another view of my booth. The milk can with buckets on top is covered with the magnets that I paint.

This is a great vintage wooden chair that I restained and then painted three lillies on. It has several coats of varnish on for durability.
Stop on by and find some great items for Mom!


  1. Looks awesome! How is it going anyway?
    I dropped off fliers this morning, but it was 9:30 and had to get to the shop.

  2. It's been pretty slow. They said there was not even the big rush on opening day. Oh well, more for the next show in Nevada!

  3. Hey is that my old spot???
    Thats too bad about no big rush.
    Weather shining saturday should bring them out.
    Men panic ya know on saturday.
    the shops been plugging along pretty good.

  4. That is your old spot! The show was not a very good one, most people were way down compared to last year. My sales were less than half of last year. I am thinking real hard on not doing the fall and christmas show their, take a little break from that show. My next show is the end of June in a small town outside of Elko, last year it was a great show!