Thursday, August 19, 2010

Halloween Hand Sculpted Gourds

I have been having a great time sculpting on some gourds, I haven't sculpted in years so it was great to get back into it, I will be doing a lot more!
In my last post I showed you a picture of my witch in progress. Her she is all painted and ready to go!
Here is a close up of her face, doesn't she have a great mouth!

I added a piece of vintage jewerly for a buckle on her hat band.

She is sitting on a old candle stick I painted. Around her neck is some tea stained cheese cloth and another piece of vintage jewerly. I painted a little wood sign with "The Witch Is In" and attached another piece of vintage jewerly which makes a total of three pieces on her.
She will be going up to my Green River Wy. show in the morning.

I sculpted 9 different gourds into some great pumpkin's, here's one of them. I put him in an old bread pan I painted black. There is a electric candle, a skelton and some fall leaves in the bread pan. Around the pumpkin stem is more fall leaves, a raffia bow and a small piece of vintage jewerly.
These will also be in Green River.
I will post pictures of my booth on Monday, have a great weekend!

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  1. How can I learn to carve and sculpt like you are doing. I cant find any info on how to start this. I am dying to learn this amazing art form. Any thing you can do to help?