Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pictures from my Lamoille, Nv. show, and a Halloween sneek peek!

Here is a picture of my booth that I had on Sunday (June 27th) in Lamoille, Nv. (20 miles outside of Elko). This is my second year doing the show, had a GREAT time! I've done shows for 24 years now and this is the first show that boy scouts unload your trailer, haul it to your booth space and even setup your canopy! Even with the economy the way it is my sales were great.
I painted some great time out chairs with a not so happy bear on it. These are old wood school chairs which makes them very durable.

Everyone seems to love the bear and moose design I came up with last year. Here is a bread box, set of canisters and a letter holder.

Had to show you this beautiful picture! After setup on Saturday we went for a drive up Lamoille canyon. This canyon is soooo beautiful. Waterfalls coming down every where and the entire valley is full of beaver ponds. Would you believe there is even a glacier up there! If you ever want to take a beautiful drive and your in Nv. you need to go up this canyon.

Here is a sneek peek of some Halloween stacking pumpkins that I painted up. I will start displaying my Halloween at The River Arts Festival in Green River, Wy. Aug. 20th & 21st. Stayed tuned for more Halloween pictures coming in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I've painted some great Rooster items for my show in Elko June 27th. The above picture is on a vintage tin plate and comes with the holder for the plate.
This are two great vintage coffee/tea pots that would look wonderful in any home.

This is a close up but it's blurry.....sorry!

Here's two great old gas cans, one has ridges and the other is smooth.
I'll try to post more often......I get so busy painting I forget to post pictures!