Thursday, July 14, 2011

Some new items finished for Stanley, Idaho show.

 I had this old sifter down the basement and decided to paint this great Zebra face on it.  I have a great big oil can that I am putting another Zebra on but it is not quite done yet.
This bowl is made out of a carved gourd.  I cut out the top of the gourd and then cut out places here and there between some of the leafs.  It is painted with several different shades of green, with yellow, gold, and mauve highlights.
 This is another carved gourd bowl that I just finished.  I painted two rows of daisey on it.
This is a very unique vintage teapot that I painted a dragonfly with cattails on.  It is based in ivory with several shades of orange and browns in the sunset.  The cattails and dragonfly body are all black, the wings are a very pale yellow with black details.
All of these items will be in Stanley, Idaho this Friday and Saturday for the Mountain Mama's show.