Friday, December 10, 2010

Some large Santa Gourds

Here's a few pictures of some of my larger Santa gourds that I took to my show in Idaho Falls. The only one that I have left is the first picture, he is $80.00, if you would like to purchase him please send me an email at
I have really enjoyed sculpting these great guys, can't wait to start up again! Got to the the craft room cleaned first!

Etsy Items

Just listed a few items on Etsy ( or my shop Country Hollow.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Santa Gourd Pedestals

Just finished 7 great hand sculpted Santa gourds on pedestals. Six of the Santa's are on old wood candle sticks, 1 is on an old wood spool. They are all real gourds that I sculpted with an air dry clay. Each has a piece of vintage jewerly added to the brim of their hats, the Santa on the spool also has a vintage bracelet around the base. All 7 of these great guys, plus some big gourds, that I am finishing up this weekend, will be for sale next Saturday (Nov. 20th)at Unique Boutique in Idaho Falls. Those that do not sell in Idaho will be available on my new Esty site.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Unique Boutique Idaho Falls, Idaho

Come and join me for my final show of the year in Idaho Falls, Idaho! I will have some great one of a kind sculpted Santa gourds along with a ton of other great hand painted items.
I will post some pictures of my Santa gourds by the first of the week.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Pictures Coming Soon!

Sorry I have not posted any new pictures lately, I have been out of town. I am getting ready for Unique Boutique in Idaho Falls Idaho on Saturday Nov. 20th. This will be a great show so come on up to Bonneville High School and check out my booth! I have been working on 1 last special order witch gourd and some great Christmas gourds. I will get some more pictures posted real soon, so keep checking in! You are going to love my Santa gourds!!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Sculpted Halloween Witch Gourd!!!

Here is another sculpted Witch gourd that I just finished. Don't you just love the stem of this gourd!! I bought some seeds for this type of gourd so next year I'll see if I can grow some.
Her face and the brim of her hat are all handsculpted. I painted her face a dark green and then dry brushed several different shades of green over the dark, Her hat is black with dry brushed stripes. I added some lavendar tulle to her hat and around her neck. On her hat is a vintage shooting star earring. The base is an old candle stick that I found, I painted three fun pumpkin faces on it, some black and white checks and then antiqued it. She will be for sale next week at the Kottage Kupboard, Weber County Fairgrounds.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Halloween Gourds

This is a GREAT large gourd, about 24" around, that I handsculpted a face on and what a great face it is! I also cut the back out of the gourd for candy. Around the opening on the back I added some more sculpted clay. The stem had broken off the gourd so I sculpted him a new one, added a tag made out of a piece of gourd and some vintage jewerly. I based the gourd in a dark orange and then dry brushed a lighter orange over the top to give him a leather apperance.

This is another round gourd that I sculped leaves and tendrils around the top. I used my dremel tool to etch around the edges of his nose, eyes and mouth. I also added a vintage bottle cap for one of his eyes. He is mounted on a vintage candle holder, around 26" tall. The candle holder has four hooks on it, I added four mummy gourds to the hooks. He also has a piece of vintage jewerly at the top of the candle holder.
Both of these gourds, plus more that I am working on, will be at the Kottage Kupboard Boutique, Weber County Fairgrounds, Sept. 29 - Oct. 1. Come on by and see how great these one of a kind gourds look in person, you will fall in love with them, I know I have!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Halloween Hand Sculpted Gourds

I have been having a great time sculpting on some gourds, I haven't sculpted in years so it was great to get back into it, I will be doing a lot more!
In my last post I showed you a picture of my witch in progress. Her she is all painted and ready to go!
Here is a close up of her face, doesn't she have a great mouth!

I added a piece of vintage jewerly for a buckle on her hat band.

She is sitting on a old candle stick I painted. Around her neck is some tea stained cheese cloth and another piece of vintage jewerly. I painted a little wood sign with "The Witch Is In" and attached another piece of vintage jewerly which makes a total of three pieces on her.
She will be going up to my Green River Wy. show in the morning.

I sculpted 9 different gourds into some great pumpkin's, here's one of them. I put him in an old bread pan I painted black. There is a electric candle, a skelton and some fall leaves in the bread pan. Around the pumpkin stem is more fall leaves, a raffia bow and a small piece of vintage jewerly.
These will also be in Green River.
I will post pictures of my booth on Monday, have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Items Painted....

This is a great vintage large boiler pan that I painted a Goose, Fly Pole and Fishing Creel on. I found this great vintage pan at the swapmeet, based in in ivory, added a light speckling of brown before painted the sceen on it. This will be the River Arts Festival in Green River Wy. Aug. 20 and 21st.
I also found these two wood paddles that I painted to match the boiler pan. I have attached a hanger on the back so you can hang these on your wall.

This is the beginning of a great Halloween witch. I am sculping her face using paper clay on a real gourd. I have her almost done and will post the finished pictures in the next day or two. I have been doing a variety of gourds for Halloween, they will all be in Green River so come on up and take a look!

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Items Painted

This is a great vintage table with claw foot legs. It is a smaller table, I believe it is a salesman sample table. I have painted a crackle finish on the top for an aged look, I then added a great checker board with some sheep and farm houses.
This is a recipe box that hangs on the wall. The front pulls down revealing an area to store all of your recipe cards in. I painted two great Amish girls on the front sharing a pie. One has a blue dress on and the other is mauve. This would look great in anyone's kitchen.

This is a whimisical table top candy holder for all of your Halloween treats. I will be making some floor versions of these in the next few days.
All of these items shown will be at the River Arts Festival in Green River Wy. Aug. 20th and 21st.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pictures from my Lamoille, Nv. show, and a Halloween sneek peek!

Here is a picture of my booth that I had on Sunday (June 27th) in Lamoille, Nv. (20 miles outside of Elko). This is my second year doing the show, had a GREAT time! I've done shows for 24 years now and this is the first show that boy scouts unload your trailer, haul it to your booth space and even setup your canopy! Even with the economy the way it is my sales were great.
I painted some great time out chairs with a not so happy bear on it. These are old wood school chairs which makes them very durable.

Everyone seems to love the bear and moose design I came up with last year. Here is a bread box, set of canisters and a letter holder.

Had to show you this beautiful picture! After setup on Saturday we went for a drive up Lamoille canyon. This canyon is soooo beautiful. Waterfalls coming down every where and the entire valley is full of beaver ponds. Would you believe there is even a glacier up there! If you ever want to take a beautiful drive and your in Nv. you need to go up this canyon.

Here is a sneek peek of some Halloween stacking pumpkins that I painted up. I will start displaying my Halloween at The River Arts Festival in Green River, Wy. Aug. 20th & 21st. Stayed tuned for more Halloween pictures coming in the next few weeks.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I've painted some great Rooster items for my show in Elko June 27th. The above picture is on a vintage tin plate and comes with the holder for the plate.
This are two great vintage coffee/tea pots that would look wonderful in any home.

This is a close up but it's blurry.....sorry!

Here's two great old gas cans, one has ridges and the other is smooth.
I'll try to post more often......I get so busy painting I forget to post pictures!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Booth at Kottage Kupboard

My first show of the year is in progress at The Kottage Kupboard at Weber County Fairgrounds, Ogden Ut. The show runs thru Saturday at 4:00. Here is a picture of my booth, it is at the end of the first row when you come into the building.
This is a great little vintage vanity chair that I have painted a cute little rabbit on.

This is another view of my booth. The milk can with buckets on top is covered with the magnets that I paint.

This is a great vintage wooden chair that I restained and then painted three lillies on. It has several coats of varnish on for durability.
Stop on by and find some great items for Mom!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Raggedy Time!!!

I found this GREAT old highchair at a yard sale a few weeks ago and decided to paint Raggedy Ann and Andy on it. I based it in a red color and then a beige color. I sanded it here and there so some of the red shows through. I then painted Raggedy Ann, Andy and a teddy bear on the seat. This highchair does not have a tray but it is still a great item!
This is a round suitcase (not very old) that I painted the same Raggedy Ann and Andy design on. I added a red bow to Raggedy Ann and also to the handle. What a cute place to hide some of your sewing items or for your daughter to hide some of her doll clothes in.

This is a great vintage suitcase with great insides! Most vintage suitcases you find have water damage inside or smell musty but this one does not! I added Raggedy Ann, Andy and teddy to the front.
All three items have several coats of a polyacrylic clear coat finish for added durability.
All three of these items will be at the Kottage Kupboard, Weber County Fairgrounds, next week.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Here's a few more items that I have painted...1st show is in 3 weeks!

This is either a short bread box or a wood lap desk/storage box, it is solid wood with a hinged lid. I re-stained it and then painted two great little teddy bears on the lid. The back is around 8" tall and it tapers down to around 4" in the front.
Here is another vintage tin plate that I painted a rock cottage on. This is a special order so it will not be at my first show, but I will have others there for sale.

This is a recycled wood welcome sign from years past. I repainted the entire sign giving it a lot more character. This would look great hanging by your front door!
I'm sorry I haven't posted more pictures, with my first show just 3 weeks away and I have diligently painting!
Make sure you come and check out my booth at the Kottage Kupboard, Weber County Fairgrounds, Ogden Utah, May 5th - 8th.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Items Painted......

I painted another great cottage design on two vintage tin plates. This one has a garden path going through a gate up to a very quaint little cottage. Sorry about the glare in the picture, I like to take these pictures outside but yesterday it was snowing!
This is a great heart shaped pink purse that I painted a very cute teddy bear on!

I found this great watering can, base coated it in blue, added some crackle and painted some flowers and blue berries on it. I added some greenery to it to make it a great table decoration.