Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Koi Bread Box and Canisters

 This is an old tin breadbox with a metal shelf on the inside.  I based it in black and the painted some great Koi fish and some lillies on it.  It has been protected with a poly acrylic finish for duribility.
I found this set of canisters at an antique show, sanded them all down, based them in black and then painted the same Koi design on them.  They also have a poly acrylic finish.
Both of these items will be at The Kottage Kupboard show, May 4-7th, Weber County Fairgrounds, Ogden Utah. 
If you would like to puchase either item prior to the show please email me at thecountryhollow@msn.com.  The bread box is $35.00 plus shipping and the canisters are $40.00 plus shipping.